Color Tattoo

Blending and combining colors has got to be one of my favorite things to do. I tattoo with Eternal inks so that I have access to a large color pallet to work with. Good quality tattoo pigment is extremely important in the application of clean, consistent, long lasting tattoo work.

Black & Grey Tattoo

Applying (Washing) black and grey tattoo pigment into the skin is an art form in itself. Solid application is key to make long lasting black and grey piece of art. I use Japanese blacks and greys for a truly clean look with my work that lasts a lifetime. 

Cover - Ups & Reworks

A successful cover up requires plenty of saturation and in most cases several sessions to make it work properly. I can cover up most to all poorly applied or old tattoo work. I am always up for the challenge and look forward to designing new artwork to fit and cover just about anything I have come across. Feel free to send pictures of your old work for evaluation. 

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